Spring snow on the Ortles mountain group overlooking Val Venosta A couple on a mountainbike trail across a greenfield in South Tyrol The partially sunken bell tower in the middle of the crystal clear lake of Resia

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Val Venosta

Val Venosta starts a little west of Merano, from the towns of Castelbello-Ciardes and extends to Passo Resia on the Austrian- Swiss- Italian border. Val Venosta is not very well-known as a tourist location but that is why it is perfect for those who are looking for relaxation, unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes. It is a valley with a landscape that ranges from a Mediterranean climate with fruit trees and vineyards to imposing mountains and ice sheets.

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To see

Val Venosta offers many points of interest and various attractions to visit.  You can reach the points of interest by foot or bicycle, using the numerous bicycle paths, or by car. Here are our recommendations:

  • Lake Resia: It is not like the usual lake as you can see the peak of a bell tower rising out of its waters. In fact, this artificial lake was once the site of the old town of Curon Venosta, which was rebuilt further uphill.
  • Castel Coira in Sluderno: Built in the 13th century and renovated in the 16th century by the Trapp counts, it is open to the public for guided tours (only during the summer).
  • Glorenza, a medieval town where you can admire the historic centre, the walls with their gates and towers and the Glorenza castle.

Summer activities

In the summer, Val Venosta is full of colour! It is an ideal region for summer holidays as it has an average of 300 days of sun each year, offering wonderful days for hikers and biking enthusiasts. In the summer we recommend:

  • The Val Venosta bicycle path: The path runs along the Adige and follows the ancient Via Claudia Augusta. If you aren't totally fit, you can take advantage of the Bikemobil Card that lets you use the train from Val Venosta with your bike in tow. That way you can alternate between riding your bike and travelling by train or you can go to Malles by train (last leg) and cycle downhill on the path towards Merano.
  • The Rogge Paths, typical of Val Venosta, wind along the irrigation canals that the farmers once used. There are about 20 of these paths throughout Val Venosta.
  • Stelvio National Park, founded in 1935, is one of the oldest natural parks and stretches over Lombardia and Trentino Alto Adige. Come discover the unique and special flora and fauna in this nature park.

Winter activities

In Val Venosta you will find various ski areas for a total of 140 kilometres of slopes that you can enjoy with a single ski pass, the Val Venosta Ski Card.

The ski areas included are:

  • Watless family area in Alta Val Venosta
  • Malga San Valentino ski centre that starts from the banks of Lake Resia
  • Maseben in Vallelunga
  • Belpiano at Passo Resia
  • The Solda all'Ortles ski area, which is open from the end of October until the beginning of May, has 40 km of slopes that range from 1900 to 3250 metres above sea level and a fantastic snow park.